Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can build trust by letting go negative perception towards us

She asked me to call a nurse to replace her mask with nasal cannula, told her that I was a nurse and I can change it, after taking the mask out she chewed on me, was angry, and said that's why we need a nurse (RN), was still angry with me, asked me to check her oxygen level, I did checked and was perfect (99%), after she calmed down I asked her what kind of nurse she was looking for. She replied, an RN, showed my batch that was hanging on my scrub that recognized myself as RN. All of sudden her perception was changed. I left the room, went to bathroom and cried since I was hurt by her harsh words, it was not easy to handle. Came back to the room, gave her medication, she was sorry for me, I had forgotten her behavior long time ago. That was my third day taking care of her but we build the trust after that bitter experience. I did forget everything and moved forward to give a good care of her who hurt my feeling and made me cry. We can rebuild a great relationship with patience and unselfish care by letting go anything bitter, this is what nurse can do.

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